Friday, December 14, 2007

Some Family Quotes

Last night I asked the girls, "What does it mean to be rich?" Madeline immediately piped up, "It means you have a lot of wallets!"

Madeline said our family prayer this morning and said, "Please bless Dad to drive safely to work today. Please help him to be good at work and to make good choices."
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Oh, No! Rice Again!! (in an Oriental Accent)

Chooby eats food now. She mooches with her eyes when we all eat our big people food in front of her, so that was one indication that she was ready for some "Rice Surprise." She gulps half down and spits half out, as most babies do. But we've discovered that she has the LONGEST tongue. This picture does not show off her full extension- it basically goes all the way to the bottom of her chin- maybe further, no joke- and it is pointy on the end! We get a kick out of it, anyway.
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A Visit from the Boys

Jensen and Noah came down yesterday and brought with them a Sesame Street workout DVD. Our girls have pretty much been bouncing off the walls being cooped up inside the house, so it was a welcome way for them to expend some energy. They worked out pretty hard, got the giggles, and then they all somehow ended up behind the pushed-out couch in this position, staring at the TV. Raleigh, who loves to pose for the camera, saw that I was taking a picture and flashed us all a smile . . .
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She Plays With Toys Now!

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The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

James was Caesar.

Ethan and Lauren were a donkey and a camel. (They both clarified for me when I commented on their "horse" costumes. Oops.) Jensen was a king, and so was Will.

Raleigh was an angel (looking like she was flying high on drugs, but actually it was a few hours past bedtime.) Lydia was a perfect Mary.

Jayden was a shepherd, and Madeline was Joseph.

Our little block party @the Gooch's house was really fun on Monday night. The kids put on a little pageant of the nativity for us, and we all ate too much sugar. We enjoyed our neighbors and had a lot of fun!
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Alpine in December

It is cold. Very cold.
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The Many Faces of Our Family Pet

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More of The Critter's Photography

This is some of her schoolwork.

A self-portrait. Lovely.
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Raise Your Hand If You Think Dallas Has Talent!!

Okay, so I have to brag a little about Dallas. He has taught himself to oil paint, and the first things he begins painting are PORTRAITS! (Not landscapes, but PORTRAITS!) This is one that he's been working on of Raleigh. (The color as seen through a camera lens is a little off.) Fun, huh?!
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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Storytime with Choobies

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Happy Birthday, Madeline!

Dallas made Madeline this awesome chocolate cake with double frosting and oreo topping. He also made her a chocolate cheesecake. (We call that "true love" at our house.) These are the only pictures we have at the moment because Dionne can't figure out how to put pictures from the desktop on this blogger-dealie. Raleigh helped Madeline blow out the candles because Madeline was suffering from stage fright. Raleigh couldn't get them out, though, so Madeline helped her.

Raleigh made this crown for Grandma La Rue back in July for her birthday, but she didn't get to give it to her until November on Madeline's birthday. She was so nice to wear it! Raleigh didn't waste any time "sharing" Madeline's new birthday dress-up, either!
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Don't Forget Dessert!

How could we blog our trip to the Mayan without mentioning Madeline's free birthday dessert? It was GOOD. How do I know that? Because I ate it for her.
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Escaping the Jaws of Death

We ate at the Mayan for Madeline's birthday and had a blast. The food and entertainment are both overrated, but to the girls, it was "an adventure." Even though Raleigh said she "[didn't] like the idea of having a restaurant look like a jungle," it was a great atmosphere for kids and a good little fake-cultural-experience for them. We enjoyed the diving show, cheesy as it was, and we even got splashed a little (COOL!) We knew the girls enjoyed it when Madeline's Sunbeam class asked us about it, and Raleigh wrote about it in Kindergarten the next day.

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Mom & Dad through the Lens of Madeline's Camera

Actually, it's our camera- not Madeline's.
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How would you pose if you were standing next to a giant horse?

Madeline would do this . . .
And Raleigh would do this . . .
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More at the Mall

Kensington keeps Dionne warm while waiting for Santa's arrival.
Dallas and Kensington wait in line to see Santa.
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