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Easter 2012

I was looking back through our photos and realized that I never blogged about Easter this year (as well as a few other things).  So it is time to play ketchup.

That bunny is such a savvy shopper, and this year he did not disappoint!  (Some cheap gifts, coins in eggs, and not-a-lotta candy can be so memorable!  It's all in the presentation, I tell you.)

Our neighbor-friend Priscilla set up an extravagant egg hunt for our family.  It was pretty tricky for the big kids, and nice and easy for the little ones.

Raleigh wore some safety goggles to ward off the pollen.

Madeline wore an extra belt because she thought it might be fashionable.  It wasn't.  But we didn't tell her 'til it was all over because she felt cute.  Everyone wants to feel cute when they're egg-hunting!

Emery discovered dandelions!

Here's the loot:

Madeline, you'll treasure this picture someday!  (This was right around the time she decided to take off the extra belt.  hee hee)

Emery was more fascinated by the dandelions.

The End.