Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Around the Cottage

It is an unspoken tradition at our house that at every General Conference, our girls replicate the whole thing and have their own.

These are my favorite Conference-goers:

The girls really spoiled me for Mother's Day with cute cards and drawings.

Kensington set this all up for Emery to play with one morning.

Raleigh and I combined our talents to make masks for Market Day at school.

We thought we were pretty creative.

A nice foggy morning

"I see you, Moo Moo!"


Madeline's amazing 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Barksdale, sent her kids home with Bee Cookies to remember their year being her "bees."  Madeline cried all day on the last day of school and all the way home on the bus and all afternoon.  She really was that awesome.  I think I shed a tear or two.

Raleigh made a geometry town, and her teacher loved hers so much that she wanted to keep it as an example.  

It was awesome!

Emery in her usual spot (must've been before summertime with those long sleeves).

Cute little note laying around the house before Madeline got new goggles.

Choobies got a gold medal at her Mother Goose Olympics at preschool!  Her teacher is amazing.

One of my favorite indoor views lately.

Our new family motto.  (See if you can find the letter I messed up on.)

Ahh . . . hydrangeas.