Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yes, It is Snowy!

This picture was taken before the latest few snowstorms. We're pretty snowed in these days. Some of our latest family quotes:
Madeline: "I can't wait til I turn seven, so I can learn how to drive."
Dallas: "Is New England somewhere in Vermont?"
Raleigh (after coming home from a Primary Party where breakfast was served, and yes, the spelling is correct): "I ate everything except for the shaushage. I don't really like shaushage." And then Madeline said, "That was shaushage? I thought it was a hot dog!"
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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our First Visitor of 2008

This picture was taken right outside of our kitchen window. This sweet little deer came around 1:30 this afternoon! Here's some of our New Year's happenings:
Breakfast- Special K with banana
Music- Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Reading- Ether- Chapter One, and The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom
Football- Sugar Bowl (rooting for UGA), and Cotton Bowl (half for Missouri, half for Louisiana)
Christmas Decorations- still up, but need to come down
House- dirty, but picked up
Children- in bed!!
Blog- finally updated
Teeth- flossed and brushed
Laundry- clean, but not folded (probably wrinkly)
Dishes- done!
Groceries- put away! Thank you, Dallas . . .
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Don't You Wish You Could've Been There?!

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Dancing in the New Year

At 9:00 pm MST the Matthews' Family was rocking out to the Remember the Titans soundtrack. We jumped and danced to the ENTIRE album NONSTOP. You should've seen our hip moves and booty-shaking. We had to take several bathroom breaks because we were laughing so hard (atleast, Dionne did.) We rang in the new year at Red Robin where we had bottomless french fries and to-die-for chocolate milkshakes, so we had to work some of it off. (Plus, Raleigh and Madeline needed to get their sillies out.) Kensington slept through the whole thing! We had such a good time that we decided to implement this dance-a-thon as an evening ritual to get everyone tired-out for bed.
After brushing, flossing, prayers, and scripture time, we read from the Little House on the Prairie series (the real one) with the girls. They are so into the lives of Laura and Mary that we are crossing our fingers in hopes that they will continue to idolize real heroines other than the latest Disney princesses. Happy New Year!
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Orion, You're a Good Dog!

Dallas and Dionne got to enjoy a date night with Nate and April. We had the BEST DINNER: a three course fondue dinner. The first course was a cheese fondue made from Gruyere and some other unpronouncable cheese. We dipped baguette and apple slices- YUM! We ate it all. Then we dipped red bell peppers, mushrooms, little cute baby potatoes, chicken, and steak in a broth-type mixture. That, alone, was tasty, but they also made three sauces for post-dipping- (I guess you could say we double-dipped)- teriyaki, honey mustard, and bleu cheese butter. YUM YUM!! THEN, we dipped bananas, pound cake, and marshmallows in a chocolate fondue sauce from the Melting Pot. YUM YUM YUM!!! Can you tell that we had a great dinner?! Afterwards, we played with Orion and trained him to be around company. He's a cute LARGE puppy. We got to give him different commands and lots of treats. Good dog.
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Before the Bath

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The Great Marble Race

We have such cute neighbor friends, Jayden and Lauren. They came over to play with all of the new Christmas toys, and they especially had fun with the new marble race. It also doubles as a waterpark for Polly Pockets.
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Uncle Chad, Grandpa Ray, and Silly Uncle Bob

Chad has the magic touch with babies. Kensington was as tired and crabby as could be after our day in Kaysville. So on this second Christmas stop, this time back down in Orem, we were so happy that he rocked her to sleep!
Kensington and Grandpa Ray. (Here's what Dallas will look like when he is thirty years older + his current head of hair, we hope!)
Raleigh couldn't get enough of "Silly Uncle Bob," Ray's younger brother. He was pretty, well, SILLY with her, and she was so tired and silly herself that they were two peas in a pod the entire evening.
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Kensi Lou with Derek and Jess

We love our cousins! We had so much fun seeing our Purdy cousins- it's been too long! We tried out Kaiya and Kenna's new High School Musical Karaoke game. Kaiya and Raleigh "bopped to the top" while Dallas and Derek "kept their head in the game." Then Dallas and Dionne "finally found what they've been looking for." We were a little hyper . . . Then Dallas and Derek jammed to the guitar nintendo game- whatever it's called. Anyway, it was fun.
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Purdy Cousins

Jake shows off his new laptop . . .
Kaiya opens a new American Girl doll.
Raleigh and Kaiya and the new doll, Julie. (If Raleigh wasn't showing a cheesy smile, you could see how much these two girls look like each other. They even act like each other!) It's like Dionne and Jessi all over again!!
Trish and the Choobs! Trisha held Kensington half of the time we were there. She's so good with babies . . .
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Kensington with Great Uncle Bob and Julie

On Christmas morning it is a Purdy tradition to eat omelets for breakfast. Grandpa Jerry used to make them in his house all day for anyone who came over, and we carry on the tradition at Steve and Pat's house up in Kaysville. We were so happy to see Grandma Faye's brother Bob there with his daughter Julie. He really wanted to hold Kensington, and she got to spend some time with him. She even laughed a big belly laugh for him.

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Wait, What Does Your Shirt Say???

"Bun in the Oven" and "My Boys Can Swim!" Baby due: July 17th . . . We're so excited for a new baby in the family!!
Nate is wearing a necklace Dionne made for him out of Cheetos. Probably the most unique piece of jewelry he's ever worn!

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More Christmas Morning Photos

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