Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Bean-ie Baby

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Never More and Witches Ball

I was very flattered last month when a woman whose taste and style I really admire (so much that when I talk to her, I feel like I'm talking to a celebrity) told me in her sweet Southern accent, "Honey, you've got talent! I love your work! You're right - your style is just like mine!"

She runs the hippest most happening booth in a store called Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta. Her "booth" is about 1000 sq/ft of space at the front of the store where she puts antiques, furniture, and other hand-picked items up for sale. I've been there many times just to look at her section and gawk at her style to find ideas (since her prices are out the wazoo.)

One day I was there at the store with my mom, and we spotted her filling her space with more items for sale. Dallas and I had wondered before if she'd take items on consignment because I can't keep up with stocking and restocking an entire booth myself, so I told my mom, "I wonder if she'd take things on consignment?" And she said, "Why don't you go ask her?" So I did.

She was interested, as long as she liked my style.

And funny enough, I was confident she would.

That's when the above-mentioned conversation happened.

It was awesome.

Here are just a few of the things I put in the store:
The print I used for this picture came from The Graphics Fairy, which is one of my daily reads. I love to dress up vintage images, and for this one I made a silk rosette and black veil out of tulle (if you can see it), and even though it is a crow, we're pretending that it is Edgar Allen Poe's notorious raven. I used an elegant black damask to frame it, and glued hand-stamped linen pennants to a strand of twine to string "Nevermore" to the top. I love how it says "Halloween" without screaming it.

This next one is so simple and understated - I love it! I also got this image from The Graphics Fairy, and the rest is self explanatory. Isn't the Graphics Fairy great??

These zipper bags are made from imported Belgian linen and lined with 100% silk. Let's just say I had a hard time letting them go and secretly hope they don't sell! I just need something to put in them . . .

Madeline's Friend Jessica's Big-Time Birthday

There's nothing like gathering four of your closest friends . . .

for a night on the town . . .

to celebrate your seventh birthday.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Greetings from the Great and Spacious Building

This past weekend, I spent some great girly time with my mom, our friend Lorna Boot, and our new friends Annette Stein, Kajha Perry, and Mallie Steele. We helped Annette rep her children's clothing lines at America's Mart Atlanta, and we made a little extra $$$ at the same time. We had a lot of fun! And we came home with some great goodies we bought at wholesale prices (and really tired feet). Can't wait 'til February, Annette!
We spent our days up there on the 13th floor.

My Mama and me

We're entering the building on the right . . .

. . . to 13 floors (of hundreds of shops on each floor) of wholesale heaven! (Or should I say hell?) I actually had my Junior Prom here.

Looking up at the elevator

Looking down on the runway

And here is where we perched for three days of busy busy busy! (I only came home with one migraine and two almost-migraines. It wasn't the work; it was the traffic.)
Twirls and Twigs is one of Annette's clothing lines. It won the Earnie Award this year for best girl's collection, which is like the Academy Award for children's clothing. The lady who designs this line uses recycled scraps from the women's fashion industry to make them. They're really unique and fun.

Here are some of my favorites:

I got to bring this one home.

The main line that I help Annette with is called Jelly the Pug. It's a really fun and successful girls dress line. I love all the dresses below (except for the red and pink ones).

We brought this dress home, and it is to-die-for on Miss Choobers!

I'd love to bring this one home after the Spring line is gone.

This line is called Baby Mish, and these are all super soft and sweet.

The three Lornas!

Fashion Show

Thanks, Annette! It was fun!

But I was really happy to come home to this . . .

and this . . .


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just Another Week at Our House

This little sweet pea joined the rest of us at the dinner table. It was messy, but fun! She kept clapping at herself.

And this paper plate ended up on the floor a few times.
Madeline thought it was fun to sit next to her for her "first time at the table."

Miss Choobers painted some masterpieces . . . and then her nails.

Raleigh and her favorite shoes. (I used to have the same ones, only they were pink high-tops with the tops folded down.)

Monday night always includes a big batch of popcorn!

MMmmm . . . rice and beans!
I wouldn't want to meet this face in a dark alley! Emery had hand foot mouth disease this past week (ick! Poor thing, look at her eyes), and then she got grease on her face after getting into Dallas' bike. She's a busy girl now!

Madeline, with her "feather extensions" that she and Raleigh made.

Miss Choo is always ready to pose for a picture - even in her pajamas.

Raleigh's pet rocks . . . oh wait, no. These are Madeline's.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Barbie Photo Booth

I found these pictures on our camera last June.

Had to share.

I'll give you three guesses as to who took these photos. And she's sometimes called "Miss Krogsworth." She makes me giggle.

I love you, Raleigh!