Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Note to Ed 'n Marie

Hey, you guys!  We hereby relinquish the top honors we received in Ed and Marie's Wedding Mystery to Lisa Matthews, and will gladly take honorable mention in her place.  She did all the sleuthing- we just documented it.  (And what's the deal?  We tried "" as a possible wedding website yesterday morning, but you must not have launched it yet . . .)  You guys must be having a blast!  We are so excited to meet you in London next summer for the festivities!  (Now if we could just get Dallas to board a plane . . . )

P.S.- Thanks for viewing our blog while you were in Europe- it made our map look really cool!!

P.P.S.- Mom, will you watch our kids for a week next summer??  ha ha

P.P.P.S.- Jess & Dannii (our lil' world travellers)- will you meet us in London next summer and then show us around Paris??  he he

Friday, December 19, 2008

Locked inside Our Snow Cave

Marie & Ed,

We are excited for whatever news you have to tell tomorrow!!  We think (with a little help) that we have narrowed down some clues about your impending wedding.  Here goes:

Clue #1:
"Endowments" in the Boston, Massachusetts LDS Temple

Clue #2:
"The London Temple, London, England, United Kingdom"- which is on West Park Road
(for the marriage ceremony, we are guessing?  but when??  tell us, tell us!  tell us before you tell anyone else!!  ha ha)

Clue #3:
Somewhere on the Durham campus??

We wish we could figure the 8-letter website at the end of your list of clues, but you didn't give us any letters.  Do we have to buy a vowel, or what??  We are so excited for you guys!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who Wants to Be My Blogging Buddy?

So Lindsey sent me this funny comment about how she can't believe that she's not on my LIST OF FRIENDS . . . ooops.  So I may as well throw this out there: I know that there are some secret viewers of my blog that I don't know about (as well as friends who made comments and wanted me to add them, but they are far enough back on the postings that I haven't taken the time to find them.)  If I haven't added you, can you please make a comment on here?  (ie- Bryn, Laura, Angela, Delores, etc.)  I don't have your blog on here!  Plus, maybe you read my blog, and I don't know you . . . I'll still add you!  Unless you still enjoy spying on me . . .

Fresh Decor

These are the decorations I made with the magnolia leaves and holly my dad sent me.  Nothing like fresh greenery!!  I gave the wreath a little haircut after this picture was taken to even it out a little.  Thanks, DAD!!

The Snowsuit Video

Little Miss Kensington got a new snowsuit.  As you can see, there's still a little room to grow!  She's a cute little squirt.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Tuesday," or, "The Day That Raleigh Ran Away," or, "The Day Dionne Lost Her Cookies"

Ah, yes.  You can see by the title that today was eventful.  And we've had such a good weekend, too.  You would think we'd have a good TUESDAY!!  Well, it starts like this:

I've had a row of cutely-bagged mint chocolate fudge square cookies from Costco (that are absolutely divine, in my opinion) sitting on the counter to hand out to friends and family and people who have come over.  Kind of for the holidays and stuff.  Obviously.  You may have even received some from us.  Anyway, there have been two bags left on the counter that I've been eyeing the past couple of days, hoping in my heart of hearts that no one would come over so that I could eat them myself.  (HA HA!  Don't even THINK about coming over right now- I love my chocolate more than I love you!!  Just kidding.)  It's just been my secret wish, that's all.  But today ruined it for me.

To make the story short, Raleigh RAN AWAY FROM SCHOOL all the way home today (in a blizzard, no doubt) because of a misunderstanding with her teacher.  Luckily, I was home, but we had quite the afternoon trying to repair a little kid's emotions and our relationship with her teacher and the front office staff.  

So the cookies on the counter??  Gone.  We had to give them away as a peace offering.  Gladly, it worked.

But I couldn't help but smile as I chided her about RUNNING AWAY FROM SCHOOL: she told me, "But Mom, halfway home, I stopped and prayed to Heavenly Father that he would keep me safe.  And he DID!"  Sheesh, kid.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hibernating of Sorts

With all the snow packing us inside our cozy little home, we have spent more time in and less time out.  I love it, though.  When my "plans" don't materialize because of the weather, I am forced to be spontaneous and relax a little.  Our hibernation began on Saturday with Dallas working a 15-hour shift, and I was at home with the girls on a FREEZING COLD day.  The blizzard blew in, and the girls and I decided to take it easy at home.

I helped them get their "'sponsibilities" done first thing, and after that they put on a gymnastics performance for me.  Miss Choobers was in her own world looking at books while they literally bounced off the walls and furniture. 

Then I agreed to play dress up with them.  I have to admit that I have never actually played dress-up with them.  If they ask me to play with them, I usually ask, "Can I just watch you play?"  Probably because their dress-ups don't fit me, and I have never put forth any effort to come up with a creative costume for myself.  Plus, I have a hard time breaking out of my "mode" to pretend with the girls.  Especially Raleigh.  Because when she pretends, she wants so badly for the ENTIRE family to participate, she pulls out mountains of props, and it lasts for at least a couple of hours.  It is a full-on PRODUCTION.  And I tend to be such a control freak that I begin telling her our STOP time before we've even STARTED.  

I know, I can really be lame like that.  (Mom, I know you are thinking, "That's exactly how you were, Dionne!"  Yes, it has truly come back to bite me.  Do you remember when I dressed you up in my ballet costumes, David and Jess??  he he.)

We rummaged through the dress-ups and found a costume for me that I had forgotten about.  It's this rhinestoney-pearly-OOOOGLY dress that you would find your great grandmother wearing on a cruise ship.  And you won't find me posting a picture of it here.  The reason I own it is because I had to wear it for a performance at a Regional Girls Camp.  (Huh, another thing to add to my list of reasons why I hated Girls Camp.)  So I put on this outfit, (and maybe it was the snow outside and I was feeling a little RELAXED), but I really got into Raleigh's little production.  

Kensington wore a fairy skirt and crown and fed her little bunny a bottle on the rocking chair while us thespians performed.  

Madeline had on a yellow froofy number.

Raleigh was dressed as a WITCH.  

She had me act out "Christmas morning" complete with her own script and choreography.  And the more I got into it with her, the more I could see how much fun it was.  We were crazy and loud, and we finally stopped when I started getting dizzy.  The fun part was teasing Raleigh and getting more into it than she really wanted me to.  Or acting like I didn't understand my part or the directions she was giving me.  I think it is so fun to tease kids.  I think it's one of the best ways to bond- I don't know why.  It's like jokes they can actually understand.  Now I'm reminding myself of my dad. 
"I Love Lucy" was on after theatre class, so the four of us got back into our comfy clothes and vegged in front of the t.v. for awhile.  The girls had never seen "I Love Lucy," and it was hilarious to see Raleigh and Madeline actually understand the humor in it.  I laughed myself to tears at the show AND at them.  The girls got a big kick out of Lucy.  Who doesn't?

When the show was over, I thought about maybe braving the weather and taking the girls shopping, but before we got out the door, Willard came over to play.  He is the cutest boy.  He's Raleigh's age and in her class at school.  He came in his snow pants, snow boots, snow gloves, and parka.  It took him a good ten minutes just to get out of his warm things and off of the rug at our front door.  (I say "front door" as if we had other doors in our place.  Ha ha!)  So we broke out some kitchen goodies and made some little festive winter treats together.  I couldn't believe what a cool mom I was.  We made snowmen out of marshmallows, pretzels, and gumdrops, etc., and then we made little reindeer faces out of Nutter Butters, pretzels, chocolate chips, and gumdrops.  

By the time the kids had a chance to play without me following them around trying to entertain them, the snow had finally stopped.  So at 4:00 pm, we finally got out of the house to shop and had a GRAND time.  I love to shop with the girls because, well, they love to shop, too!  

On Sunday we felt like we were still living in a snow cave, so we broke out our aprons and made some sugar cookies.  When I was young I remember my mom making these candy cane-shaped cookies that actually had red and white twisted frosting to make them look authentic.  But they were made out of this not-so-great-tasting dough.  (Sorry, Southern Living, it's your one bad recipe.)  So we decided to make some out of sugar cookie dough.  What made it even more fun was the way the girls got into it.  They could maneuver the dough fairly well and made some pretty cute candy cane cookies.  Notice how intent they are.

Then Dallas's (sorry, I just HAVE to add the "s" after the apostrophe even though it isn't grammatically correct because it drives me a little crazy) parents came over, and we enjoyed visiting with them while the girls ran around the house like maniacs on their little sugar-high.  What is it about the holidays and snow and sugar cookies that makes us all so giddy?

I think it's the abundance of memories-in-the-making.  We had such a great time together.  But MONDAY!  Now Monday was a good day.  And TUESDAY!  Tuesday was memorable, that's for sure.  I'll think my next post will be about Tuesday . . .

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Kind of Music Video

My Dad Loves Me!

I got this cool package in the mail today from GEORGIA!!  It was stuffed with magnolia leaves, holly sprigs, and some other unidentifiable plant.  There were even a few pine needles that accidentally made their way inside the box.  Ahh.  Georgia.  sniffle.  I think I will make some cool Christmas creation out of this greenery.  Thanks, Dad!  I love you!