Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I had just finished explaining to the girls what Dallas does at work. I explained to them that when you buy stocks, it's like owning part of a business. This is what I overheard a few minutes later:

Raleigh: "I work for E*Trade. Where do you work?"
Madeline: "I work at a fancy old shop- I OWN IT!!"

Raleigh: "O-oh!"
Madeline: "But if I want to own another business, I'LL CALL YOU!"

So here we are in Alpharetta, Georgia. Our third move since April. After looking unsuccessfully for permanent employment in Virginia Beach after some of his classes ended at Regent University, Dallas began working for E*Trade again- this time in Georgia. We stayed with my parents in Peachtree City while looking for a place to live, and six weeks later . . . WE ARE HERE! (That hour-and-a-half commute was a killer!)

But we loved Virginia Beach and hated to leave. Sniffle.
And then we loved Peachtree City. Sniffle. But it was time to leave.
And now we are loving Alpharetta. SMILE!
Maybe we are happy just to stop living out of suitcases.