Tuesday, January 5, 2010

May All Your Roller Backpack Dreams Come True

Raleigh and Madeline's dreams came true this past Christmas: Santa brought them roller backpacks. I hope Santa brings them something school-related every December because they have been so excited for school to start just so they can use their new backpacks.

Raleigh asked me to check the weather this morning for her. I told her, "It will be really cold today, and it might even snow on Thursday!"

She said, frustrated, "No, Mom! I want to know if it will be sunny or rainy or snowy TODAY!!"

"Today is supposed to be sunny," I told her.

"Okay. Then I can roll my backpack," she said, finally content.

I think this might turn into a daily occurrence. But I was pleasantly surprised to see their lunches already in their bags without me nagging them, and they had even packed some extra things like tissues and truffles. (Tissues and truffles - they are such GIRLS!! Isn't that what my purse needs, too?)

We loaded up in the car to drop Dallas off at work on the way to school (because Miss Nancy is temporarily dead in his work parking lot), and the girls were so accommodating to each other and their bulky baggage, making room for each one's new pink polka-dotted preciousness. Where annoyances would have normally been, politeness abounded. Dallas moved Madeline's backpack to the side so that Raleigh could get in the car. "Oh, no, Dad. I can climb over," she said in a surprisingly mature tone. "Yeah, Dad," Madeline said. "She can climb over," she said again in the same tone.

We rolled up to the school (pun intended), and the last thing I shouted to them as they got out of the car was, "I hope you have the rolliest backpacks in the school!"

I am liking the backpack thing. I think I will tell Santa how good the girls have already been this year. They talked to him, you know. Here are their videos from him:




You should've seen their faces. It was pure magic! And Santa was so thoughtful to bring them what they wanted for themselves and each other BOTH!

(And until we get our camera back from the doctor, I will be posting old pictures.)

Post-Post: I just realized that Choobs has been in a time-out for like fifteen minutes. That's how I wrote this post. I kind of forgot about her back there in her isolation. But now she is singing, so maybe I should keep her there? Whoops! On to my day . . .


  1. I love you guys. I remember how excited Hazel was about her roller backpack. I will have to get a bigger one when she's actually in school. I love what you said to them as they got out of the car. That's why they are so witty and creative. ;)

  2. I just LOVE reading your posts- you're so great D.P.!! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to see you in GA- I was really hoping. Here's to 2010 and seeing you sometime this year!!! :)

  3. How cute is your little family. I am so glad that you had a wonderful christmas. Cheers to the little things!

  4. Oh my, that is such a great idea - get the boys something so that they are thrilled to go back to school! I'm doing it next Christmas! It's genius, I tell you!