Wednesday, May 1, 2013

R&M's Apparel Mart

A few weekends ago Raleigh and Madeline did some modeling downtown at America's Mart while Dallas and I worked at the market there.

The next day all of the girls were busy for hours upon hours working on this:
(This is the wall and ceiling of their bedroom.)

Learning all of the ins and outs of the market, Raleigh, in usual fashion (pardon the pun), set out to make her own.  She even gave each clothing line its own brand name.  Here are a few.

Kensington made some of her own in her corner of the room.

After ordering some clothing on this order form . . . 

 . . . Kensington took her purchases to her "boutique" where I had the privilege of buying as much as I wanted "fo fwee."  Kensington always likes to give me a good deal.  :)

She's a proud shop owner.

 After several days of "Apparel Mart," I had quite enough of the mess.  The girls happily took down every last outfit . . . 

 . . . and handed the pile to Emery. . . 

 . . . who hung up each piece of paper on all of the kitchen cabinets.

Such is our life around these parts.

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  1. I would have loved to see all their fun fashions and shop at the boutique! Those girls are so creative!!!