Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Goodwill Couture

Every week I go on an exhilerating little treasure hunt . . . 

 . . . to the thrift store
while the girls are down the street at ballet.

I love buying $1.49 goodies at Goodwill.

Here is Kensington modeling our latest find:

Thrifted Dress: $1.49
White Leggings: Hand-me-ups from Lue Lue (because Kensington is just so dern skinny, she can still wear a size 2T in bottoms and call them "capri-length")
Backpack: Hand-me-down from Raleigh
(remember the roller backpacks??)
Shoes: Handmade with Love by Dallas 

Let's get a closer look at those champagne-leather ballet flats:

Shin Injury: No tellin'

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